Zonrox Bleach 250ml

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Zonrox Bleach 250ml

Zonrox offers a range of products to keep your home and laundry clean and free from sickness-causing germs. Whether you are cleaning your home or doing the laundry, Zonrox is your partner in removing stains, odor and 99.9% of germs which you can’t see. Zonrox digs and cleam deeper than just the surface, it also fights bacteria, fungi and viruses which can be lurking anywhere.


  • Brand: Zonrox
  • Type: Bleach
  • Variety: Original, Fresh, Lemon, Floral
  • Package: Plastic Bottle
  • Weight: 250ml


Note: This delivery service only applies to customers within Iloilo City, Pavia, Oton and Leganes areas. Customers, who wish to avail the service outside these areas, please contact customer support at 09173260917/ 09988825025.