Ultra-versatile Universal Waterproof 3-Way Monopod

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Ultra-versatile Universal Waterproof 3-Way Monopod

You don’t wanna miss every detail of your travel experience? Problem solved with this Ultra-versatile Universal Waterproof 3-way monopod. This monopod can be used in three main ways: (1) as a camera grip (2) extension arm (3) tripod. Designed to be your best travel buddy to capture every angle of your adventure, may it be skiing, water skate, hiking, camping, the beach, riding, sports events. Get this at a discounted price.

In The Box: Universal Waterproof 3-Way Monopod : 1 x Extension Arm (folded arms) 1 x Grip (handle bars) 1 x Tripod 1 x Thumb Screw (Screw)


  • Type: Handheld Monopod
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible on all types of action camera
  • Length extends from 19cm to 51cm
  • Attachment: thumb screw
  • Material: durable hard plastic, soft rubber
  • Dimensions (L x W x H cm): 4 x 5 x 48