Bonakid Milk Supplement Powedered Drink

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Bonakid Milk Supplement Powedered Drink

Give your baby a complete nutrition for his/her development. While there is no milk formula that can replace a mother’s breastmilk, Bonamil Milk Supplement will give your baby enough nutrition for the development and growth. Get more baby care products from their selection.


  • Brand: Bonakid
  • Type: Milk Supplement for Kids
  • Package: Packed
  • Weight Choices of 180g, 400g, 900g, 1.2kg, 2kg


Note: This delivery service only applies to customers within Iloilo City, Pavia, Oton and Leganes areas. Customers, who wish to avail the service outside these areas, please contact customer support at 09173260917/ 09988825025.