LED Intelligent Light Bulb 5W

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LED Intelligent Light Bulb 5W

Sudden power interruption can be a hassle especially when during nighttime. Without lights, moving and doing your nighttime activities can be very difficult. Good thing, there is this LED Intelligent Touch Bulb. This 5W light bulb has an intelligent lighting that it could light up by just the press of your fingers. It also charges when you attached it to a light socket and when power is available and it lights up automatically once the power is out and it is still attached to the socket. Get this item at a discounted price.

In The Box: LED Intelligent Touch Bulb 5W


  • Model: LED Intelligent Touch Bulb
  • Type: Touch Bulb
  • Capacity: 5W
  • Optical PMA shade, light transmission rate of 95%
  • Built-in long polymer battery capacity high life
  • Military grade circuit intelligent control
  • Bulb can light with a glass of water
  • Service Life: Up To 50000 hours.
  • Energy Saving up to 80%.