Unlideals FAQs


a. What Is Unlideals?

Unlideals is Iloilo’s first ever daily deals site that offers discounted vouchers for travel, food, shopping, entertainment, health and beauty and other products and services. The e-commerce site in Iloilo offers discounted vouchers from various businesses in Iloilo and nearby provinces. Please visit about page for more information.

b. How Safe And Secure Is The Website?

Unlideals carefully pick merchants to ensure that customers get quality products and services. Likewise, the site system is secured and protected against hackers.

c. What Type Of Deals Does Unlideals Offer?

Unlideals offer vouchers for a wide range of products and services. Vouchers include but not limited to goods and merchandise, travel, dining and food, spa and wellness and gift vouchers.

d. How Do I Get My Business Featured At Unlideals?

Unlideals welcome interested merchants to be featured in the site. You can call us at (033) 503-64-22 or send message at 09173260917 or email us at marketing@unlideals.com for more information.

e. Can I Get This Offer From The Featured Business Directly?

NO. Discounts, promotions and special offers featured in the site are exclusively offered by merchants through UnliDeals.

f. Is the voucher transferable?

Yes. Vouchers from this website are transferable unless otherwise stated.

g. Where Can I Find My Transactions?

Login to your account, check “My Orders” to view all transaction made.



a. How Do I Pay?

There are various payment methods you can choose from.
Credit/Debit Cards
Dragonpay: OTC/ATM, Online Banking, Bayad Centers, GCash, Smartmoney
Direct Payment At Unlideals Office (For pick up of goods and merchandises)

b. How Secure Is The Payment Process?

All information provided in this website is confidential. Employees, staff and the whole team of Unlideals is prohibited from leaking information to outside sources.
Credit/Debit cards transactions are under security protocol and a verification code is sent to emails or through text message to verify transactions.

c. Can I Cancel My Transaction?

In the desire to cancel transactions immediately, please call customer support at (033) 503 6422. Visit contact page for other contact details.

d. What Happens If I Fail To Leave My Payment?

All transactions will undergo verification and processing. For Dragonpay, payments should be made within 1 banking day after purchase. Failure to pay at the certain period will lead to the cancellation of the transaction.

e. Are Cheques Accepted?

No. Cheques are not yet accepted at this time.



a. How Do I Redeem Products And Services?

For goods and merchandise purchased in shopping category, you may pick up at Unlideals pick up station. Unlideals require the customer to present a printed copy of the voucher and Valid ID upon redeeming the products.

For travel, food, health and beauty, entertainment and other intangible products and services, vouchers will be redeemed at merchants’ store or business offices.

Every deal also has a set of instructions on “how to redeem” section on the page and it is also attached to the voucher sent in customer’s email.

b. How Do I Avail The Voucher?

You must be of legal age (at least 18 yrs. old). Register or login to your account, browse deals and click “BUY NOW”. Follow the required steps to complete the transaction.

c. Is There A Refund When I Don’t Want To Avail The Voucher I Purchased?

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Return and Refund policy.

d. What If The Merchant Does Not Honor My Voucher?

We ensure that all vouchers will be honored by merchants. Unlideals and featured merchants have written agreements about redeeming of vouchers. If the merchant did not honor the voucher, kindly contact customer support.

e. Can I Combine Unlideals Vouchers With Other Promos, Specials and Discounts?

Unlideals voucher cannot be combined with other promos, specials and discounts unless otherwise stated.

f. Can I Transfer Voucher I Purchased To Another Person?

YES. Unlideals vouchers can be transferred to another person unless otherwise stated.

g. When Do I Get My Voucher?

The purchased voucher will be available to the customer right after payment and will be sent through email.

h. Where is the Voucher I Just Purchased?

A copy of paid vouchers will be sent to the provided email address of the customer. You can also check it in your account “My Orders” Tab. All vouchers are in PDF format; you can print it directly or download it to your devices.

i. How will I know that my voucher is valid?

Each voucher has a unique transaction code to ensure no vouchers will be infringed, copied or duplicated.

j. When Can I Redeem My Voucher?

You can redeem your voucher within its validity period.

k. What If A Merchant Closes Its Business Before I Get to Redeem My Coupon?

In case the businesses close within the redemption period of the voucher, contact our customer support.



a. Can I Buy The Offer As A Gift?

UnliDeals offer deals which can be sent as gift vouchers.

b. How Much Are Unlideal’s Gift Vouchers?

Gift Vouchers has no additional charge on top of the amount of the voucher purchased.

c. How Can The Recipient Avail The Gift Voucher?

Fill-in the accurate recipients information including phone number and email and Unlideals will notify the recipient via email or text message.

d. Can I Edit the Recipient’s Name after I Finished the Transaction?

No. Before completing the transaction make sure your details are correct.

e. Can I Replace A Previously Bought Voucher With A Gift Voucher?

No. You can’t replace a previously bought voucher with a gift voucher.

f. How Can I Track My Gift Voucher?

Unlideals will notify you on the status of your gift voucher via email or text massage.

g. What If I Have Not Decided Whom To Give the Gift Voucher To, Can I just Leave the Fields for First and Last Name as Blank?

No. You can’t leave the first and last name blank. You need to provide required information about the recipient of the gift voucher.

h. I Just Received a Gift Voucher, How Do I Redeem It?

If the gift voucher is a shopping product, you can pick it up at unlideals pick station indicated in the voucher. Read the fine prints for further instructions.

Gift vouchers for food and dining and other intangible products and services, vouchers can be redeemed on merchant stores. Please read attached instructions on how to redeem vouchers.


All About Your Account

a. How To Become A Member?

To be a member, you need to register or create an account for Unlideals. Only one (1) account per person is allowed.

b. I Forgot My Password, How Can I Retrieve It?

Click the “Forgot Password” button, place your email and a link will be sent to your email to reset the password.

c. Can I Edit My Profile?

Yes. You can edit your account information and profile any time you wish to.

d. Can I Change My Email?

Yes. To change your email, go to “account information” and click edit.

e. Can I Delete My Account?

If you wish to delete your account, contact Unlideals.