Top 5 Sources for Delicious Pinoy Noche Buena Menu!

Top 5 Sources for Delicious Pinoy Noche Buena Menu!

Filipinos has this famous routine to prepare this Christmas. Is your list already complete? Here are our top sources for delicious filipino menu served for Noche Buena.

#1 10 Filipino Christmas Recipe Ideas

Christmas is a big thing in the Philippines and Christmas Eve is usually celebrated with families gathering together for a Noche Buena, a family feast where delicious and most loved food are prepared to be eaten at midnight, usually after attending the midnight mass. We would like to share our collection of this year’s Christmas Recipe Ideas that you may want to add to your list for your Noche Buena feast. We grouped them into savory and sweet, covering both main dishes and desserts. Enjoy!!!  Read More

#2 19 Delicious Dishes Filipinos Serve on Christmas Noche Buena 

Filipinos are utterly in love with food, whether it’s native, American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or even European. Without a doubt, the Philippines is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions. That’s why we’ve incorporated our preferred taste to complement a range of recipes from across the globe! This is also why we post more pictures of food on social networking sites above anything else! Is it appropriate to call ourselves obsessed with food? I think we are! And for good reason. We never let occasions pass without preparing anything on that day. We try out new recipes and consider it as a tradition to have a feast; to show how grateful we are for the blessings we were granted upon. Filipinos, indeed, are appreciative and blessed. Haven’t completed your Noche Buena menu list? Maybe this set will help you complete your desired menu!  Read More

#3 Top 10 Filipino Noche Buena Favorites

There’s only a few days left before Christmas. In the Philippines, it’s the most awaited season of the year. Filipinos are so keen on celebrating Christmas day that they start celebrating early. Aside from the early putting of Christmas decors, they also attend Simbang Gabi (night mass) for nine consecutive mornings before Christmas day. However, the last Simbang Gabi is celebrated a few hours before midnight. And after the mass is what the Filipinos call the noche buena or midnight dinner. It’s customary for every Filipino family to share noche buena food together. If you haven’t decided yet what to prepare this coming Christmas eve, take a look at our list of noche buena favorites. Read More

#4 Pasko Na! What’s for Noche Buena?

This is it! In less than 24 hours, Christmas celebration in every Pinoy household is going full-throttle. Around this time, perhaps even earlier, food preparation is in full swing. With family members and relatives from other parts of the country and even abroad expected to join this year’s family reunion, noche buena has EPIC written all over it!

Christmas, to the uninitiated, is kind of a huge deal to Filipinos. It is the time of the year when our family, relatives and friends gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ. The celebration of Bisperas ng Pasko (Christmas Eve) is an age-old tradition that is NEVER without a ridiculous amount of noche buena food laid out on the table to be shared by everyone after the Midnight Mass.

Yes, Pinoys are undoubtedly food-crazy. And despite our exposure to western dishes, we don’t really stray from the traditional favourites during Christmas. It’s just never done, not even with foreigner friends and family members visiting.

Here are some of the holiday staples Filipinos will never do without during noche buena. Read More

#5 Ten Filipino Desserts You Should Make for Christmas

Filipino celebration is complete without some type of dessert or panghimagas to round off the delicious feast. If you’re looking for sweet treats for your holiday festivities, Kawaling Pinoy got you covered! Make sure to check our recipe index for delectable ideas. From crema de fruta, with from-scratch sponge cake pasta fruit salad with a unique twist to homemade buko pandan ice cream with no ice cream maker needed, I am sure you’ll find something for everyone! Read More

9th Oct 2018

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