​16 Tips for Personalized Gift Wrapping

​16 Tips for Personalized Gift Wrapping

My mother had a practice of preserving gift wrappings for future use. So every time we received wrapped gifts from family and friends, she would unwrap the presents as carefully and meticulously as possible to avoid damaging the wrappers. It was a habit I found queer. Because when you receive gifts, what’s important is the surprise hidden inside. Nobody cares about the wrapping, right? We only tear carelessly through them in eager expectation for the goodies hidden within. But have you ev …
14th Sep 2018
​Preparing Breakfast for Your Kids? We Have Quicker and Healthier Options

​Preparing Breakfast for Your Kids? We Have Quicker and Healthier Options

To us mothers, nothing matters more than the safety and the health of our families -- particularly our kids. And it seems like that particular responsibility has increased in importance tenfold. Food riddled with too much preservatives are populating the markets, and nutrition is starting to lose its value. Our kids’ healthy breakfasts are as important as the air we breathe.As they grow, it is necessary for children to get all the nutrients they need for starting their days. And sometimes, a qui …
6th Sep 2018

5 Easy Steps to Online Shopping Safety

As technology continues to advance, more and more possibilities become available. More and more tasks can be accomplished with our personal tech, or with the aid of the omnipresent world wide web.It’s easy to frolic around the internet. It’s perfectly fine to explore the cyber playground. Until someone gets into some sort of trouble, that is.Sharing information over the internet may seem like such a mundane thing. Everybody’s doing it, so it must be perfectly safe, right?Wrong!The DangerThe thre …
30th Aug 2018

​Online Gift Delivery: From Me to You, with Love and Best Wishes

The need to make a living and ensure our family’s futures is what drives us to do what we normally wouldn’t. For this reason, countless men and women resolve to travel to faraway places in search of greener pastures. And who could blame them, honestly?But as these decisions have positive outcomes that are bound to happen in the future, there are also cons in this situation. I’m sure as much as you don’t want to, leaving your loved ones is something you would evidently have to do. Over time, the …
23rd Aug 2018

For the Busy Mother, there’s a Better Way to Do Your Shopping

Have you ever had an experience where you walked into a grocery store, saw the outrageous number of people doing their grocery shopping, and decided to bale? Well, you’re not really alone in that. You can decide to stay, suck it up and do your shopping, and stand in that long line for hours on end. Or you decide to go home and try again another day. Both scenarios are highly unsavory, but it happens. And it happens quite often. And more often than not, we end a day feeling unproductive bec …
16th Aug 2018